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For many lorry drivers, driving an HGV is not only their job but also their lifestyle. Having some practical gadgets in the lorry will be a lifesaver and make a huge difference to an HGV driver’s working life.

As we all know HGV drivers sit behind the wheel and drive long hours on the road. In this article, we share 7 of the most useful gifts or gadgets for HGV drivers, ranging from practical items that can make their driving journey easier and more pleasurable to items that can provide comfort while they are trucking along on their assignment.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for your loved one or perhaps you are a driver looking for a practical accessory to help with your daily driving routine, this is the list for you. Here are our top picks for gadgets for HGV drivers:

1. iPad or Tablet Device

Modern electronic devices such as iPads or tablet devices have become the essential all-in-one entertainment tool for many HGV drivers.

This is particularly helpful if you are a long-haul HGV driver and needed to take a rest and have some downtime after a long journey, you can use the iPad to listen to music, stream programs, or play games to relieve the boredom and make yourself feel more at home in the sleeper.

2. Specialist Sat Nav

Many of the latest HGV-specific Sat Navs now includes features that are designed to aid HGV drivers in better managing their driving journeys.

HGV Sat Navs are programmed to work with HGVs; the Sat Nav can calculate routes based on a variety of variables, such as the vehicle height, weight, width, length, and load variables so that the driver can avoid obstacles such as low bridges or weak and restricted roads, as well as finding secure places to park their HGVs overnight if necessary.

3. Dashcam

Do you need a dashcam? Well, installing a dashcam in your HGV will provide you with an added layer of security and protection while on the road.

Being on the road and driving for long periods of time can be risky; the ability to record incidents on the road and receive a prior warning for things like speed traps makes a dashcam an invaluable tool to have in your HGV.

Furthermore, many latest versions of dashcams have GPS functionality built-in, allowing you to trace your vehicle if it is stolen.

A happy driver wearing sunglasses

4. Polarised Sunglasses For Driving

We know sunglasses may not be a gadget for you, but it is a very useful item. Driving into the sun can be dangerous to yourself and other road users, especially on Autumn sunny days when the sun is very low. A good pair of polarised sunglasses can make a world of difference in protecting your eyes and keeping you safe on the road.
But be sure to only get the high-quality polarised sunglasses that are durable and impact resistant with excellent visibility in a variety of conditions.

5. Gel Foam Seat Cushion Or A Lumbar Cushion

Despite the advanced comfort technology being fitted in the latest HGVs, most HGV drivers will still prefer extra padding for their driver’s seat. A good quality gel foam seat cushion is always a great gift idea, HGV drivers working long hours driving on the road, we’re sure they will appreciate having a seat that is extra comfy while being on the road.

If you have back problems, a lumbar cushion can be good for your back. The lumber cushion attaches neatly around the back of the driver’s seat and the contoured design offers additional support for your back.

6. Portable Charger

A portable plug-in charger offers connectors for a variety of devices, allowing you to charge your phone as well as other gadgets. You will never run out of battery for your communication while driving if you keep one of these in your HGV.

You can also use other types of portable chargers, such as a power bank that is designed to recharge most of your electronic devices when you’re on the move. Power banks come in a variety of sizes and capacities, so pick the one that best fits your needs. However, you will need to pre-charge your power bank before taking it with you on the journey.

7. Seat-Mounted Organiser For Lorry

Space in the commercial lorry is limited and for most HGV drivers, a well-designed front seat organiser can be very helpful for the journey.

A large seat-mounted organiser can make the HGV more organised and tidier; the multiple pockets compartment can store essential items such as a tablet, pens, sunglasses, documents, and more, making it a great storage station for HGV driver’s job-related items.

We hope that these 7 gadgets help to brighten up your days while you are driving on the road. There are many more gadgets and accessories specially designed for drivers that can make their life as HGV drivers more comfortable and enjoyable. You don’t need to have everything at once but gradually add more and more useful items to your HGVs to help you have a great driving lifestyle.

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