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Becoming an HGV driver is a great idea for many different reasons. To begin with, HGV driver jobs are plentiful and can help someone get their foot in the door of a worthwhile organisation. HGV driver jobs are well worth seeking out as they offer a lot of strong benefits, which we will explore in this article.


1.  Lots of work available

A key consideration for any job is if it will be offering you enough work to make a living out of. Well, rest assured, once you have your HGV licence, you’ll be open to lots of different driving jobs. Further to this, we are also looking at a future-proof job as the need for an HGV driver is not going to be disappearing anytime soon! The digital age may have even helped in some way, more people are ordering online meaning more deliveries need to be made!


2. Choice of hours

Everyone has a different lifestyle and different responsibilities that they need to work around. Therefore, the classic 9-5 setup does not suit everyone. The benefit then, of being an HGV driver is that you would be able to choose hours that fit in around everything else-we are talking about a very flexible role here.


3. Job security

As mentioned in the previous point, this is not an industry that will be going anywhere anytime soon. A good driver, qualified and with a valid professional HGV license will always be in demand. There are some industries where that cannot be said with as much confidence in this ever-changing world, so it’s nice and a smart move to be involved with a role offering job security. This is also not an industry that fluctuates nearly as much as other industries when it comes to the needs of the service-HGV driving is in consistent demand.

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4. Potential for high earnings

There is decent money to be made for the life of an HGV driver! A full time, fully qualified HGV driver can earn £30,000 plus a year. And if you are going independent you are not capped by companies allocated salary, either.


5. Not too expensive to get into

The costs of lessons if you are not already a fully qualified HGV driver are not as high as you may otherwise guess. Shop around and see what quotes are on offer. Then you have the HGV licence cost, which again is not too expensive when you think of the potential money once you are up and running as an HGV driver.


6. This role offers variety

You have the choice whether you want to work for a company or go it alone on a self-employed basis. Both have their pros and cons. If you independent you can choose your hours, although if you are working for a company you may be in the running for company bonuses and paid holiday. To keep things interesting, it is not the same drive every day! You could be sent to all sorts of different areas whilst on the job, sometimes completing a long-distance trek will be the name of the game, other times it could be a local delivery/


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7. Driving a large vehicle

If you have always wanted to be behind a massive truck, perhaps driving is a passion of yours, and in particular, big vehicles, this will, of course, be your perfect role!


8. Work freedom

An office job or another role which involves being still for large periods suits many people. However, some feel too restrained and would rather find a job offering a little more freedom. With HGV driving, not only will you be out and about, you are in control without a manager standing over you, questioning your every move, and if you want to listen to the radio you can!


9. Paid to travel

If you were an HGV driver, whilst you work you will be travelling. And this allows you to visit some places you may not have been to yet, or revisit places you like, and experience ever-changing scenery, all whilst you are being paid to do your job!


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