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Note that Global Employment Bureau does not offer free HGV training. This blog is for information only and please do not call us for the free training funded by the Government as we’re unable to help you. You can visit the UK GOV. website for more details by clicking the link provided below or consult your local job centre for more details!

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Can you get HGV training for free? The answer is Yes! If you’re thinking of becoming an HGV driver on a budget and wondering how to fund your training? you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we share tips on how you can get into the government-funded schemes to get your HGV training for free!

With the UK national HGV driver shortage reaching peak levels, driver earnings have risen sharply recently. This has led to a revival of interest in HGV driving as a career but getting qualified as an HGV driver can be costly.

The financial barrier to passing your HGV test has always been an issue, but the government is backing many new schemes to deliver free training in response to the shortage.

What is the standard cost of HGV training?

Passing your test involves several components, including theory and practical tests, not to mention the training costs themselves, but in terms of fees alone, you can expect to pay between £250 and £350. Training on the other hand can set you back between £2,000 and £4,000.

How Can I get my HGV licence for free?

Funding has been provided by the Government to allow organisations and local authorities to offer free HGV training. While the training package might differ between entities, applicants are generally required to be at least 18 years old and must hold a full car driver’s licence.

The course will take place over ten weeks, and if the applicant obtains the category C licence, they will receive a job interview. Anyone looking to take advantage of this opportunity will find it an excellent way to impact their short and long-term career prospects positively.

What companies are offering free HGV training?

Businesses are teaming up with training and education centres to offer this free training across the country, so please check local press for more details on companies that are close to you. However, some firms listed as providing this service, either with Government backing or offer the free training themselves, include:
• Aldi
• Co-op
• DHL Supply Chain
• Gist
• Moody Logistics and Storage
• Translink Express Logistics

What is the UK Governments’ skills Bootcamp?

The HGV skills Bootcamp training is funded by the UK government to tackle the lorry driver’s shortage. The Department for Education (DfE) has allocated £17m to fund HGV Bootcamp to welcome 5,000 new drivers. If the scheme is a success and the DfE decides to extend the project, an additional £17m is available to be granted.

The Bootcamp training is expected to last 16 weeks, with the plan being that all graduates will do so by the end of March, helping to fill the currently available HGV jobs. The 16-week HGV driver Bootcamp will start in the nine regions of England from December 6.

If you would like to find out more, please visit the gov.UK website for more details here –

Are there other ways to become an HGV driver at no cost?

One method, which has been available for some time, is to be part of the military or defence forces, as this provides people with the chance to arrange an HGV licence at no cost. There are many aspects to consider with this approach, but this might be of interest if you are keen to consider all options.

Will this training help me get HGV jobs?

Yes, the training is designed to ensure you have all the qualifications needed to fill the open positions caused by the HGV drivers’ shortage. With the new rules on HGV training, you can go straight to the HGV class 1 test without the need of doing the class 2 test first.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the article and it has given you some ideas on where to look for help if you want to become a lorry driver on a budget. For enquiry on our latest HGV jobs, please call Global Employment Bureau on 01604 761206 and our team is here to help you.