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HGV driving can be a lot of fun! For many people, it can seem like a great chance to hit the road and to spend some quality time on your own. However, it is, of course, a living – and there are plenty of responsibilities!

Therefore, HGV driving is often hard, but rewarding work. Considering there are lorry driver shortage concerns from time to time in the UK, it’s reasonable to expect a good wage!

Before looking at any HGV jobs, however, you should make sure you know what to expect from the regular income HGV drivers generally command.

What Are HGV Driving Wages Like in the UK?

Average salaries for HGV drivers in the UK as of 2020 start at £18,500. However, according to some sources, this may increase to as much as £35,000.

The actual rate of pay for your own HGV driving may vary. That’s because employers will need to consider your experience, your routes, and your hours, too.

Therefore, it is reasonable to expect HGV driving wages to start at around £18,500 per year. Some sources show that, on average, HGV drivers earn just over £27,000. However, experienced drivers could expect to be earning as high as £45,000 or even more.

Below is an example of our Class 1 drivers salary, our latest top earners salary is over £850 per week ( May 2021). If you are looking for HGV driving jobs in Northamptonshire and interested in joining an HGV recruitment agency, please contact us to arrange an appointment for an interview.

Class 1 HGV drivers top earner in May 2021

How Do I Make More Money as an HGV Driver?

As with most career paths in the UK, you’re likely to earn more money the more experience and training you have. This means that more technical and more intensive driving jobs will open up to you.

The rate of pay really can vary from firm to firm and from project to project. There may be high-profile haulage jobs that pay better than others. However, the cargo you carry, too, can also impact on what you receive!

Many truckers and HGV drivers will tell you that working more hours is likely to ramp up your income. Mathematically, this may be true if you are offered overtime.

However, keep in mind that some HGV drivers will expect to work well over the national average of hours per week. This may be as much as more than 50 hours on the road!

A white and blue HGV truck driving on the motorway.

Will HGV Driving Wages Increase?

According to statistics, at the time of writing, that wages for HGV drivers may be increasing beyond the rate of inflation. That, as mentioned, maybe as a result of an ongoing lorry driver shortage, or the need for specialist support.

In any case, while demand will continue to ramp up wages, so might inflation. Unfortunately, this is a case of looking at what different firms and employers offer over time. There are quite a few variables!

Where Can I Earn the Most Money as an HGV Driver?

This really can vary, but pre-pandemic, HGV drivers earning the most money tended to work around Coventry, Stoke, and Felixstowe.

In fact, Felixstowe drivers tend to earn around £33,000 per year on average, bucking the national trend.

Big city drivers also tend to earn healthy wages. For example, a driver in Derby or Leeds may expect to receive £32,000 on average.

Manchester and Birmingham hauliers, too, will expect to receive £29,000 per year, from upwards of £24,000.
So – the answer appears to be to look to start driving around cities outside of London, heading north!


It’s no secret that many HGV jobs can earn a lot of money. There is a lot of responsibility on drivers’ shoulders! With that in mind, and without even taking into account bonuses, it may be worth looking into applying with multiple firms.

Who knows – you could be earning as much as £35,000 per year by taking to the road. You may not even have to work the full 50 hours!

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