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So far, 2021 has had its mix of weather. From endless rain to extreme heat, it’s been interesting – to say the least. And the summer of 2021 looks set to be a scorcher – excellent news for those who work in air-conditioned offices. Not so great for those who are HGV drivers.

Anyone who has ever driven will tell you that driving in the heat is no fun. Anyone who has ever driven an HGV will tell you it can be nearly unbearable. HGVs are bigger, with more weight and a bigger engine, which causes the temperature to go up even higher than it already is. Throw in the long hours and traffic and you’ve got an oven on wheels.

But there are some things that you can do to combat the heat this summer. HGV drivers, read on – it could save you tons – of sweat.

Drink lots of water

This may seem like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised by how many people don’t drink enough water – especially when it’s hot. When it’s warm out, your body sweats to lower your internal body temperature.

This causes you to lose vital fluids that help your body to work. Drinking water replaces the fluids you’re losing, lowering your body temperature, and helping your body work the way it should.

Make sure you have a good supply of water in your HGV and even consider packing a cool box full of cold water to keep you hydrated and working properly.

Air-Con is your best friend

If your HGV has a working air con unit, make sure you’re taking full advantage of it when the weather warms up. You don’t have to use it all the time, but a cold blast every 20 minutes can really make the world of difference. The heat can make you tired and if you’re stuck in traffic the risk of nodding off can suddenly become very real.

Blasting some cold air will not only cool you down, but it will also help wake you up if you’re feeling drowsy. If you don’t have air-con in your HGV truck, you can always roll your windows down and get some fresh air in. Bear in mind that having windows open will increase drag and therefore using more fuel consumption – but not significantly.

Dress appropriately

Many HGV companies have some sort of dress code, which often includes things like waterproof coats and high-vis jackets. However, these items can make you quite warm, especially when sitting in an HGV.

If it’s okay with management (and honestly, who’s going to dispute this?) you can swap out your usual uniform for something cooler – like short sleeve shirts and shorts.

You can still dress work appropriately but cool – just make sure you check with the company first on any policies they have.

Make the most of your breaks

Driving an HGV is tiring at the best of times but add in a hot day and you’ve got the perfect recipe for dozing off at the wheel. Avoid this by taking all of your given breaks, and more if you need them.

Taking a break will allow you to move, stretch your legs, and possibly even stock up on more water. This will help you cool down, and just generally feel better and ready for another length of time driving.

There are rules and regulations that HGV drivers have to follow, regarding the amount of time they’re allowed to drive for, and the number of breaks that are recommended. Make sure to check with your company for what these regulations are – and make the most of them.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the blog post and make sure to keep yourself cool in the HGV this summer to avoid overheat. If you have any questions about HGV driving or simply want to find out more about our latest HGV jobs; you can contact Global Employment Bureau on 01604 761 206, our friendly team is here to help you with your enquiry.