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As all HGV drivers know, safety is a must. As you’re driving vehicles likely to be bigger than most other road users, you not only have to keep your eyes peeled for your own safety but for other people’s, too. Therefore, when you first get your HGV truck licence or equivalent, you’ll already be clueing up on most of what you need to know to keep safe on the roads. This is the same to experienced and newly qualified HGV drivers, HGV driving safety is crucial to your road journey!

However, there is more that you can do if you want to protect yourself. HGV safety doesn’t start and end with your licence and training. In fact, many HGV drivers make use of dashcam technology to add that extra layer of security from drive to drive.


What is Dashcam?

Dashcams are popular with drivers of all kinds of vehicles. As you may have guessed, it is a camera system which can connect through your dash, or at least to the front and rear of your vehicle. While you’ll already have mirrors in place for HGV driving, cameras will give you that extra peace of mind. Think of a dashcam as your own private CCTV system for your truck!

With that in mind, a dashcam for any kind of HGV truck will help you to keep your eyes on your vehicle at all times. There may be occasions, for example, where you’re not with your lorry. What if something happens to it while you’re away? With the greatest will in the world and the safest strategies in mind, there are always going to be chances for someone to do damage to your HGV or otherwise.


A lorry dash cam is recording while driving on the road


Is It Worth Getting a Dashcam for Your HGV?

In most cases, yes. Not only is a dashcam great at showing you what happens to your vehicle when you’re not with it, but it will also help to back you up in case of any disputes. For example, if you are involved in an accident or collision, dashcam footage will show who, if anyone, is to blame for the incident.

Therefore, HGV drivers will benefit from having a dashcam on board if they want or need backing in legal matters or cases. No matter the size or make of your HGV truck, it makes sense to have some form of backing in place just in case you have a dispute.

On top of this, it’s a great way to show employers where you have driven, and that you have completed contracts as requested.


Are Dashcams Ideal for HGV Safety?

In most cases, yes. While you should already be following basic HGV safety protocols, it really doesn’t hurt to have an extra bit of security and backing on board. After all, HGV drivers know that they are at risk every time they take to the road. You need to keep your eyes peeled and take great care of your cargo. However, in the event of you needing to back up from an accident or incident, dashcams will give you all the support you deserve.

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