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Now that you are a newly qualified HGV driver you are ready to take to the roads and hopefully over time carve out a successful and fulfilling career. You may want to look for HGV jobs that are available for the new driver, these positions do not need you to be experienced or roles that require little HGV driving experience, the world, or rather a road is your oyster.

And to help you on your way, we are going to look at 7 top tips for newly qualified HGV drivers.

1. Take time to plan your route

Perhaps this is one of the most important points when looking at top tips around HGV jobs. Taking the time to accurately map out your plan can save you so much bother in the long run. It is all about the detail. You need to plan even the rest stops, the refuelling and anything else that may be required on your journey. This will greatly help you keep within your required time restraints and hopefully provide for a less stressful and rushed experience.

2. Exercise and take rest breaks

The thing with HGV driving is that you are required to sit for long periods. Now, this is not naturally a very healthy thing to be doing, but it is not something you can avoid. With this in mind, you need to take any opportunity you can to get some exercise in.

Perhaps you can complete some stretching exercises or jog on the spot, whatever you choose when you are out of your vehicle during a break try and get some form of exercise completed. To the same effect, you need to make sure you are taking these rest breaks not just to exercise but also to rest from driving and recharge your batteries.


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3. Check the height of your HGV

Before you begin your journey, you need to be aware of the height of your vehicle. Along the way, there will be all sorts of height-restricted areas and you do not want to risk getting stuck or any other forms of damage taking place because you did not correctly check the height of your vehicle or indeed it’s trailer height if you have one. It is said you should not rely on the markings inside the cabin for the height, either.

4. Be considerate and mindful on the road

It is not just yourself you have to look out for, but you also need to keep a careful watch on your fellow drivers. They are sharing the road with you and are entitled to it just as much as you are.

It is a good idea to learn how to understand when motorists want to overtake you, getting a feel for things like that, and reacting quickly and accurately to other motorists’ actions can be helpful. Always be on guard as to what other motorists may do and be ready to react safely to help avoid accidents.


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5. Check your HGV load is secured

It is essential that your load is well secured, and you must make 100% sure that all straps and harnesses are in place and secure. At frequent intervals, such as when you stop for a break, complete a check to make sure your HGV is still fully secured.

6. Keep an eye on your tail swing

Because of the size, weight, and structure of your vehicle, it is even more important that you make sure you have enough room for your tail end at any time you are making a tight turn. Be careful to ensure you have enough space when turning to prevent the tail from hitting anything.

7. Check your vehicle before each journey

Before you begin each journey, it is also essential that you check the current state of your vehicle. You need to perform a full physical check and make sure it is fit for purpose-remember this is your responsibility as an HGV driver. If your vehicle is not in good condition you will be liable for any accidents that you are involved with that occur on the road.

There are many other things that you may need to bear in mind, this includes recording and managing your HGV driving hours as well as your health while being on the road for a long period of time.


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