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If you enjoy being behind the wheel and driving a large vehicle on the open road, becoming an HGV driver can be a great job for you. In this article, we share some insights into what employers look for in an HGV driver.

If you’re thinking about becoming an HGV driver or perhaps looking for a new role within the transport and logistics industry, here are the abilities and skills that most employers look for.

1. Reliability and Honesty

First of all, employers are looking for HGV drivers that are dependable and honest. Most employers will value HGV drivers that are reliable, flexible, and honest.

As an HGV driver, your job may involve transporting valuable and important goods to clients, so being able to take responsibility, take great care of your load, and arrive on time is essential for being a great HGV driver.

You’ll also need to be extremely attentive to road safety and constantly follow the best practices set by the transportation rules.

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2. Organisation Skills

Your ability to organise is critical to your HGV driving career. Being able to effectively plan and organise your journey can make life easier and more productive.

You’ll have to plan the best route for the journey and organise goods loading and unloading. It’s also important to ensure that all paperwork is properly filled out and filed, as well as to plan and take rest breaks as needed.

3. Mechanical Skills

Although mechanical experience is not required with most employers, drivers are often asked to carry out some routine maintenance. If you have a good mechanical skillset, this will keep your lorry in excellent working order.

4. HGV Driving Skills

If your job is to drive a large vehicle on the road every day, you should definitely be a decent driver! A clean driving licence and a good knowledge of road safety should keep you in a great position for employment.

You may also need to have some experience or general knowledge of driving in a different country if your role requires it. But don’t worry, many employers are happy to assist you with some training before sending you out on an assignment.

5. Good Communication skills

You may ask yourself why a lorry driver needs to have good communication skills? Well, great HGV drivers should have excellent interpersonal and communication skills as you will need to work with transport managers or warehouse staff, as well as to interact with customers.

Having good communication skills can help you go further in your driving career, it doesn’t mean that you have to be chatty and talk to everyone, but having a helpful, friendly, and flexible attitude will make your daily job much happier.

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6. Stress Management Skills

It is no surprise to know that HGV driving can be very stressful, sitting behind the wheel and driving long hours can be physically and mentally exhausting. The best HGV drivers have the ability to stay calm as well as able to manage the stress while working alone and under pressure.

Furthermore, if your HGV driving job involves long-haul UK work or driving overseas, you may have to spend some time working away from home. This can put stress on you and your family, so take some time to discuss with your loved ones and have a good arrangement with your family to avoid any unnecessary stress.

What Should you look for in your employment?

Due to the current shortage of experienced HGV drivers, all good HGV drivers are very desirable. So, it’s not just employers who get to be fussy, but you too have the opportunity to be a bit picky when it comes to choosing your employer.

A good employer should always be stand by your side, provide a good salary, give you support when you need it, and offer a safe and secure working environment, most importantly they will take care of you just like you take care of your job.

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