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Updated – December 2022.

Are you interested in becoming an HGV driver? Becoming an HGV driver can be very rewarding if you enjoy sitting behind the wheel and driving a big truck. With the current shortage of lorry drivers in the UK and the HGV driver salary is on the rise, training to become an HGV or LGV lorry driver can be a great career for you.

But before you take action and start your HGV training you may wonder what can you do with HGV or LGV licence? What kind of lorry driving Jobs are available if you have an HGV licence?

In this blog post, we’re looking at the types of HGV driving work available and the different career paths for you as an HGV driver.

Take Your HGV Driving Test And Get Your Certification

Once you’ve completed your HGV training and received your certification, you can apply for a variety of driving positions. You will need to complete certification such as the certification of professional competence, also known as the Driver CPC to be able to drive complex vehicles such as refrigerated lorries or auto hauling vehicles.

The current rule for the HGV driving test has changed; you can now proceed directly to class 1 training without first passing the class 2 driving test.

This fast-track training is introduced on 15th November 2021, in order to address the present shortage of HGV drivers by assisting more people in acquiring a class 1 licence more quickly and getting more HGV drivers on the road.

HGV Driver salary

The average salary for an HGV driver is about £32,000 gross per year, this is 8% higher than the UK national average wage. A newly qualified HGV driver can expect to earn around £21,000, but an experienced HGV driver can earn as much as £60,000 or more depending on the type of HGV work.

The types of HGV licence

The Types Of HGV Or LGV Licences

The type of driving jobs you can apply for will depend on the category of licence you have. there are many kinds of certification available, such as Cat C1, Cat C1+E, etc.

Now let’s have a look at the category of licence and the types of trucks you can drive:

  • Category C1 – This licence allows the driver to drive a vehicle weighing between 3500kg and 7500kg with a trailer weighing up to 750kg.
  • Category C1 + E – This licence allows the driver to drive a vehicle weighing between 3500kg and 7500kg with a trailer weighing over 750kg. But not exceeding the maximum weight of 12,000kg.
  • Category C – This licence allows the driver to drive larger vehicles weighing over 3500kg with a trailer weighing up to 750kg.
  • Category C + E – With this licence, the driver is allowed to drive vehicles over 3500kg with a trailer weighing over 750kg.

You can visit the UK Government website for more details on the category of licence by clicking here.

The types of HGV jobs

The types of HGV or LGV Jobs

HGV Shift Work

The HGV shift work can be based on the days, from Monday to Friday, and on a nine to five basis. Or it can be on the night shifts with hours that you have agreed with your employer. Most new drivers will start with this type of lorry driving work to gain more experience before moving on to other types of HGV jobs.

4 on 4 Off LGV Jobs

This type of HGV/LGV work type is very popular among lorry drivers. the driver will work four days in a row with the hours given and agreed with the employer, and then have four days off. After that, the driver will then work in the night shifts for another four days and back onto the day shifts after the four days off.

Long-Haul HGV Driving Jobs

long haul HGV work is when the driver needs to drive a fair distance between drops. the driver usually has fewer drops over the day as some drops can be a few hours’ drives away.

Short-Haul HGV Driving Jobs

Short-haul HGV work is more local, the driver usually has more drops within a small area, however, it will be less likely to have more drops than a multi-drop driver work. Short-haul work will be involving a lot of driving in a designated location that the transport manager has planned for you.

Multi Drop LGV Jobs

Multi drop driving work is mainly driving in a smaller lorry – a 7.5-tonne vehicle. Most of this driving work is based around local areas and not far from home. However, the driver can have up to 60 drops a day.

Single Drop LGV Job

A single drop LGV work is mainly one big delivery that the driver needs to do. The delivery is usually loaded by the driver’s mate and the warehouse workers.

Continental HGV Jobs

Continental HGV work can be like the 4 on 4 off lorry driving work, it mainly takes place in driving across Europe. You may also need to live in the truck you’re driving during the journey, or it can involve staying away from home.


This type of HGV work will require the driver to take further training and obtain certification to transport specialist items.

ADR HGV driving work is the most dangerous driving job. The driver usually drives in a large tanker and transports hazardous chemicals goods such as petrol, liquid nitrogen or other toxic or flammable chemical products that can cause damage to the environment.

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