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The best interview tips may vary in their methods, but they are all there to help you bring your best temperament to the table of HGV recruitment agencies. As with any job interview, there are a lot of things to learn for getting your first HGV driving job. But that does not mean you should not go for it! HGV drivers are still in high demand, and recently qualified drivers are starting to turn to gold dust.

Supply is not available for HGV drivers due to increasing demand from industries, and newly qualified drivers will find themselves swimming when it comes to jobs in the area. From local delivery drivers to long-distance truck drivers, qualified HGV drivers have never had more opportunities. So, how easy is it for an easy driver to find their first HGV job, and what tips do we have for them?

Make a good first impression!

At the interview stage, you need to be fully prepared. You had to drive a clean motor, so keep yourself clean and tidy. While personal hygiene is important and the boss does not want a beauty parade, it is not acceptable to wear a t-shirt with dirty or shabby clothes or an outrageous or unsuitable design. Some companies offer uniforms to drivers, but most do not. If you come into an office for a job interview and wearing something that looks like a mess, this gives an impression that does not look professional, it will affect your image and the whole process of the interview.

Assume that your image will improve if you show your best impression in the interview. The more specific you are about what your skills are and how valuable you are to the employee, the better the interviewer will be able to see the photo of the person working there.


A happy man dressed in check shirt ready for his job interview


Do not describe your complete work history.

If you jump around jobs, be prepared to talk about it. Owners do not like to see this in the background. If you are going to make a ship jump in a year, why should the company invest in you? If there is very little evidence in your work history, clarify the reasons at the beginning of your resume – even adding parentheses indicating that there is a deletion or nothing good for that effect.

Do not talk negatively about your previous company.

Be careful when you talk about your previous companies. Even if you have a negative experience, it is important to demonstrate positivity from it.

If you complaining about a previous company, a coworker or manager will look down on you and this may cause the interviewer to question your decision. Instead, focus on what you learned from the challenging experiences and how you developed because of them.

Investigate the company before your interview.

An investigation of the company you are interviewing is necessary. Make sure you use their product or check their website and social media accounts so you can talk smarter about the company and ask relevant questions. You do not have to rely on the questions asked in the interview table from many candidates. It can be embarrassing and embarrassing if a candidate makes progress in the interview process and does not yet have a basic understanding of the mission of the organization. Read for yourself before walking through the door.

So, prepare yourself before the interview and think about the simple questions you are likely to ask or check on yourself. Do you already have some answers ready in your mind? Do not neglect your driving experience, otherwise, you will not meet the expectations of the companies on your first appointment, and this will be a big disappointment for the employer. If you do well in your driving test with some (or) small points that you can show on your driving pass certificate, do not underestimate yourself.

In addition to pointing out what you know about the company, you should also try to build a relationship with your interviewer. Find out the name of the interviewer and use it in the job interview. If you are not sure about the name, call and ask before the interview. And listen very carefully during the introduction. If you are likely to forget names, note them in lower case somewhere under your notepad.

Ultimately, building relationships with your interviewer and personal relationship will increase your recruitment opportunities. People hire the candidates they like and seem to fit the culture of the company. Here is how to turn a recruitment manager on your side.


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Get your HGV driver license!

However, the most important part of your first job as an HGV driver is getting your HGV license. If you do not have a license, it is very difficult for you to find a job. Most companies do not like to train driver-in-house, especially when they need drivers who are ready and wait to fill that space. There are many HGV courses to help you get your basic license and driver CPC and any license updates you may need. If you are willing to wait and get the right license, you can do a very good job when you start hunting.

Work with an HGV recruitment agency.

If you feel you need some help finding a job, there are a few places you can go for help. HGV recruitment agencies are a popular choice for first-time drivers, and there is nothing wrong with you using one. These recruitment agencies work with logistics companies to supply drivers for a variety of ups and downs in the country. Beware, these jobs are usually on a first-come, first-served basis, so you must get yourself down to do anything.

Follow-Up with thank you for reiterating your interest in the situation. You can include details that you forgot to mention in your interview. If you are interviewing multiple people from the same company, send a personal note to each one. It is worth the extra effort. The Robert Hoff survey reported that 80% of recruitment managers found it helpful or somewhat helpful to receive a thank you note after an interview.

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