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If you manage your own transport or haulage business, or just work for the part of the organisation that looks after the recruitment of HGV drivers, then you will know just how much effort and how much cost is devoted to finding the right people.

So many businesses need drivers to help transport millions of goods around the UK and further afield. To make sure that happens, you need high-quality people delivering the highest level of service, but finding those people is easier said than done.

When it comes to finding the best available professional drivers on the job market, more and more businesses are beginning to understand the advantages of using a specialist driver recruitment service. If you’re one of those, then you’ll already know, but if it’s a service you haven’t thought about, then let’s look at the top 5 advantages of using an HGV recruitment agency to deliver your next influx of drivers.

1. Time is Money

In these difficult economic times, many people incorrectly believe that using an agency to recruit drivers is a cost they simply can’t afford. We understand that, but the cost of hiring the wrong person is even more expensive. Research has shown that a bad hire can cost at least the equivalent of a year’s salary.

It’s not just the costs associated with the person you’re hiring, but there’s a financial impact in the time spent creating the job advert, reading the CVs that arrive and short-listing and ultimately interviewing all the potential hires.

It’s a cost so many companies under-estimate but using a driver recruitment service means that all that is taken away from you. Your staff can focus on doing the job you pay them to do, whilst the agency finds you the absolute best driver available.

2. Expertise on Call

When it comes to running a business, there are already a million decisions, large and small, that need to be taken just to keep the wheels turning. There’s no denying that running any company is hard. Our skills are utilised, our patience tested and our stress levels skyrocket, and that’s often on a good day.

Very few employees are formally trained in recruitment, which means that whilst their intentions are good, that lack of experience can mean your hiring processes suffer. By using a recruitment agency, then you can rest assured that the team working on hiring staff are all fully trained and vastly experienced in doing just that.

3. Cast Your Net Wider

If you normally handle your recruitment in-house, then you’re already limiting the number of people who will see your vacancy. Even if you post it on your website, company newsletter and post about it on your social media platforms, then chances are you’re only going to reach a limited number of people.

By using a driver recruitment agency, they will already have access to thousands of CVs. That’s a lot of people, some that will have been sent via their website for other vacancies in the past, others for candidates who may not be actively looking, but meet your criteria. The diamond in the rough you’re looking for might be waiting there already.


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4. Legal Cover

It would be fantastical to long for the days when HGV driving, or driving commercially to any standard, happened without regulation, but thankfully, that’s not the case. Increasingly, the legal responsibilities and obligations on both company and driver will play a huge part in their day. Any company naturally wants to limit their liabilities and minimise their risks.

Not only does it give the company peace of mind but protects them from the growing number of litigation cases being brought. Everything from the Working Time Directives, Employment Agencies Act, Health& Safety and, of course, the pending Brexit process. Simply by choosing to work with a driver recruitment agency, you can cover all your legal bases.

All drivers will be checked and their compliance with any regulations assessed by people who deal with the ever-changing regulatory landscape every day.

5. No More Awkward Conversations

Unless you’re one of those companies that hire, literally, everyone who applies, sooner or later you’re going to have one of those awkward conversations with the unsuccessful applicants. No one likes to do that. It can be embarrassing on both sides and the negative response you might get makes it difficult to stay professional. Why put yourself, or your staff, through that emotional turmoil, when you can leave it to people who know exactly how to deal with any situation that arises.

If you are looking to recruit drivers, then take the cost, time and guesswork out of your hiring process and speak to a recruitment agency that specialises in qualified drivers. Leaving anything else to chance can create unnecessary problems and ignore hidden costs that few businesses can survive. You want to spend your money in the right way, keep you moving in the right direction and make sure you hire the right people.

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