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If you are new to HGV driving, you will have no doubt heard the terms ‘Tramping’ and ‘Trunking’, particularly when searching for work. This post will examine the subtleties of these terms in more detail.

What is Tramping?

Tramping is essentially long-distance lorry driving, on journeys that may span several days or more, often to Europe departing from the UK.

As HGV drivers are bound by driving hours and regulations they sleep in their cab en route. Trampers are accustomed to spending a lot of time away from home, so their truck effectively becomes their second home.

Is Tramping Right For You?

With an aging demographic amongst HGV drivers and the anti-social nature of the work, trampers can be in high demand and are often pretty well paid.

You will need to be confident driving abroad, however, and familiar with the individual policies of the countries that you visit, and not mind the many sacrifices that you need to make as a tramper.

Tramping has long been recognised as a job better suited to people who don’t have many family commitments for example, but the lifestyle does hark back to the original image many people have of a trucker as a vocational life on the open road.

What is Trunking?

Trunking on the other hand can almost be viewed as the complete polar opposite of tramping. It involves the HGV driver making their deliveries on a regular route; and is called trunking because the bulk of the work takes place on trunk roads, or motorways, and dual carriageways.

There are different shift patterns available, but most trunking drivers will have a regular pattern of work, and can therefore plan their life around it.

The last two or three years have seen a dramatic increase in the rates of pay for trunking as the national driver shortage intensified after Brexit.

Night work provides marginally better rates than days, but the day rates are still good, meaning that drivers can enjoy normal family life, something that would be pretty hard to do as a tramper.

Is HGV Trunking Work Right For You

Is HGV Trunking Work Right For You?

Trunking is probably the most popular career available in HGV driving. The work is fairly simple in nature, usually involving one or two drops per shift, and the shifts are often long enough for earnings to be good, but short enough to not leave you completely exhausted at the end of a day.

Trunking is usually considered much easier than multi-drop work for example, where drivers can feel constantly under pressure to get all the drops completed in a day, and have to get in and out of town centres where traffic and parking can be very challenging for a larger vehicle.

Trunking by contrast involves more time on main roads, where the final destination is often a yard at a distribution centre.

HGV Driving Work Is In High Demand

We hope that this post illustrates the very diverse nature of HGV work available in the UK today.

Regardless of which end of the HGV driving spectrum appeals to you, things are looking up for professional HGV drivers in the UK.

Your skills are in short supply and demand for them is only going to increase. There is far more choice and much better money available to HGV drivers today than there was even five years ago, a trend that is set to continue for the considerable future.

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